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Please join us for a weekly conversation about design thinking in K12 education. We will have a variety of moderators with a wide range and depth of design thinking experiences. Each week, we will connect the dots to the design thinking methodology and how it can and will play a bigger role in today’s K12 educational arena via a twitter chat. The hashtag to bookmark is #DTK12chat.

As you join in these conversations, we hope you will come to a understand that design thinking is a mindset that if practiced and utilized will open up the doors to possibility in your classroom, teaching, and learning for both you and your students. Design thinking is human-centered problem solving. One size does not fit all and design thinking is not a step by step blueprint that must be followed exactly to get it right. Instead, the modes and methods of design thinking can be adapted to meet the user’s needs however for it to be considered design thinking you must have people and empathy.

Join us Wednesdays, 9 PM EST. #DTK12chat

Also, for more resources and content to previous #dtK12chats here is a link to the original site.